What if iCloud is a development platform?

Apple seems to have figured out their specialty is providing great hardware and platforms to develop on while leaving the apps us. What if iCloud is to the web as iOS is to mobile devices? What if I can power my web apps with iCloud API’s the same way an iPhone app developer powers his apps?

This would trump developing Facebook apps and tapping into ‘the social graph.’ The real social graph lives on my phone. I don’t send my closest friends Facebook messages that often in favor of calling and texting.

What if I could build an events web app powered by iCloud’s access to my contacts and calendar? Then I could share photos from an event via the ‘photostream.’ All the user has to do is login and authorize with their Apple ID. Not to mention the payment system is built in.

The data in these basic services is gold to any developer and potential access to 200 million user’s information would fuel a whole new generation of web apps.


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