It’s time for our children to learn American Sign Language

American Sign Language(ASL) has been taught in schools for decades, but not generally known as a serious second language.  However, new gesture based technologies are going to require ASL or something similar as we move towards the future.  

Currently, our newest input method is voice command with Siri or Google’s equivalent.  I personally use Siri quite a bit to text while driving, launching an app or to call a contact without having to find them in my address book.  That usage always being in short bursts.  For extended use or in public spaces, voice command just won’t cut it.  

Think about voice calls on a noisy sales floor or in a crowd vs the ability to text or email in the same situation.  The latter is a superior input device.  For this same reason, ASL will rise to prominance and overtake the keyboard as an input method for your devices.

Think how much better inputting lengthy emails or text using ASL on a LeapMotion while paired with your phone or tablet would be.


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