Merging Web Services with your Wii

I was thinking about Steve Rubel’s post about TV being “The great new platform” to develop on. He was of course referring to Television programming (shows), but what about just normal everyday things we already do? I want to be able to interface with my music via my TV instead of my computer. Let’s say I want to have a party and allow people to add to the playlist (everyone loves to play 30 second DJ). How can I do this? Well, I have an MP3 tunes Oboe locker and a Wii. Why not make a Wii friendly web service that taps into the MP3 Tunes API to do that? People could find songs and drag them to the playlist via the wiimote.

Why stop there? SXSW had Flat panels displaying Twitter messages that flew by live, you could do the same by just browsing to Twittermaps on your Wii. Someone could create a Facebook service that did the same. A screensaver of sorts that pulls data from Facebook and showed you your friends new picts, status updates, wall posts, etc. What I’m getting at is that we all know the Wii is capable of cool interaction like this (, so why hasn’t anyone started to make services like this yet?


One thought on “Merging Web Services with your Wii

  1. Nice ideas but it will be quite a challenge to develop for/against the Wii browser.

    Don’t know how much AJAX and javascript it supports, and its Flash support isn’t for the latest version, and it can’t play MP3s and possibly other media files.

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