I’ve realized recently that planning on doing something and not committing even in the slightest way is a death sentence to any project.  I’ve been meaning to update this blog, finish some projects on my house, sign up for my Private Pilot’s License, clean out my closet, etc.  Making a schedule isn’t the best idea to solve this problem as you just skip over an item and say you’ll come back to it later.  I’ve found that having a to-do list that is in plain sight can work if you don’t overlook it.  The best way to complete projects is to complete one item whenever you have time (even 20 minutes).  Once you’re leaving work, are exhausted and just want to go home and watch your favorite shows, do one thing on your to-do list instead.  Go workout for 20 mins, stop by the grocery store and pick up some staples (I never go shopping and have a bad habit of eating out everyday of my life), complete that one project at home that you’ve been planning.  You’ll come to realize that ticking off items on your to-do list is like a drug, the more you do, the more you want.

When I don’t have that much to do and I lie around, I feel lazy and don’t accomplish much.  If I’ve got work coming out of my ears, I find it easier to take care of other things that need taking care of.  So keep yourself busy and take care of all those things you’ve wanted to accomplish.  If you put them off till later, later will never come.


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