How NOT to engage in Social Media Marketing

I’m always interested to see how businesses creatively use Facebook and Twitter for promotion.  I also cringe when someone just doesn’t get it.

I recently took a painting class at a great place in North Austin called ‘Painting with a Twist.’  They list a different painting every day on their website and you decide which day to take the class based on the painting you want to paint.

When I arrived, I received a blank canvas and a workstation with paints and brushes already set up, then was walked through step by step on how to pencil and paint today’s painting.  Food and drinks are welcome which makes it less of a class and more of a social outing.  By the end I had a surprisingly great looking acrylic painting to take home with me.

But then…

I received no less than 6 Facebook friend requests from the various employees that work at the branch.  One of the employee’s names was ‘Kristin Paintingwithatwist.’  Naturally I declined all of the invites as they trickled in two at a time throughout the week.  Then the manager whom I had already rejected decided to friend me again…

What is the reason for such an intrusion into my life?  They claim it was to tag me in pictures of the class, but six different people need to friend me for that?  I imagine their motive was probably to blast out notices on a regular basis to take more classes.  With six people that would clog my news feed quite nicely…

Why do businesses so easily forget what it’s like to be on the other end?  In every other aspect of life they are the buyer and want to be treated in a certain manner.  So why do they ignore that knowledge when they are the seller?



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