Everything can be simpler

I often help prospects fix something here or there with an implementation before they buy my software.  When I do, I use a tool called GoToAssist to remote into their system to see and fix issues quickly.  I launch the application which instructs me to tell someone to go to www.fastsupport.com and give them a nine-digit support code.  This is what the customer sees:


The first few times I was asked “What do I put for Customer Name?”  I’d immediately respond with their name wondering how someone found it so difficult to place their name in the box.  After two months of using the product I no longer think the issue lies with the user as this question has been asked all but one time I’ve used this service.  The field name should say “Your Name” then possibly display a grayed out example “Doug Johnson” in the field itself.

This goes back to my post about “Overcoming the Learning Curve” and why you need to try and understand your customers better so you can support them better.  Don’t always assume that you can predict what someone will think or how they will use something.


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