iPad is Killing Jobs (US not Steve)

Somehow Einstein here made it as a Congressman and is now blaming the iPad for killing US jobs.  “Yes it makes people more efficient, but what about all the Borders bookstores that are closing down?”

Yes, let’s stop innovating to save jobs.  Let’s not consider that the amount of trees not being cut down to fill Borders bookstores while out of date textbooks being thrown into landfills may be having a positive impact on the planet.  Or that Borders is closing 517 stores while Apple has created 317 stores since 2001, and is planning on opening another 50 this year alone.  Let’s not consider the developers that are developing for the iPad and iPhone that have generated over $1 billion for themselves in the first two years of its existence and the amount of businesses that are growing through efficiency in the process.

No let’s not consider any of that, down with the iPad!!!


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